I am bored! I have no idea how to get started with learning a new skill! Sometimes, I wonder if one can find free access to mastering skills! Is it even possible to learn something interesting in a very short time? Will I ever be able to become good at anything? What are the various activities, I can learn quickly? How can I be productive during quarantine?

Are you one among those tired of browsing these questions online? Were you hoping that this last blog as you read for today provides something valuable? I know how it feels to have the interest to learn something new but with no place to go, your efforts might seem to go in vain. Don’t dull your sparkle because I have good news for you. You can learn a new skill for free. Yes, it is possible!

Did you know?

It takes 21 days to cultivate a habit.

With ample time available during quarantine, we are stuck in this chaos all by ourselves. It’s praiseworthy that you are adhering by the government norms and restricting wandering on the roads, for a while. The best place all the travel lovers are visiting these days is apparently their galleries xD. No no, I am not here to bother you with my silly puns. If you are committed to learning a new skill, then you are in the right place. Let’s get started without any delay!

In this blog, you will explore various easy and quick skills that can be learned for free, online. I hope you find this insightful. I appreciate the learner in you who is willing to try new things.

A few of these skills might not add up value to your resume. Although I assure you that they are fun to learn and will make you happy.

21 skills to learn in 21 days for free:-

1. Programming:

Morse Code

With an escalating number of people making their presence online, the majority of the innovators are striving to give the audience the best experience online. If you desire to develop skills of programming and get the hang of different coding languages, avail the platform W3schools for free lessons.

Learning is not so expensive, after all.

2. Calligraphy:


Are you the person who is head over heels in love with their handwriting? If yes, then Calligraphy is just for you! This aesthetic art of writing is definitely going to impress your crush if you are planning to write a letter to them. The best part of learning calligraphy is, you don’t need any additional equipment as they are already obtainable from your stationery box. Everything you need to do is click on the link Calligrascape and start making perfect strokes!

3. Dance:

A girl Dancing

Do you wish to learn those moves? And with the leisure you have got, are you planning to practice dance? YouTube videos are to the rescue! You can have free access to the videos and learn what you wish for. Leverage this platform and make the most out of it.

Fun Fact: Break dance was first created as a “less lethal” form of fighting between warring African-American street gangs in the 1970’s Bronx area of New York City. This form of dancing re-emerged into worldwide popularity during the 1990’s.

4. Morse Code:

A person learning Programming

Morse code is one of the best skills to learn which will leave you in awe. It is a type of communication mode and coding language. The most fascinating thing about Morse code is that all the letters are formed just using “dot” and “dash”. This also helps in making your brain sharp by perceiving things quickly. Get your hands, eyes, and, ears alert! Here’s the link to Learnmorsecodefor free.

5. Instrument:

Different types of Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments

Most of us go gaga over the melodies and rock albums. Sure lyrics strike a chord but the musical instruments strike your heart. It is beautiful how lyrics give life to a song and music makes one feel alive in that song. Music reduces stress and makes one happy. Check out Acoustic Pahadi and YouTube master your favorite instrument for free.

6. Blogging:


Anyone can blog. You don’t have to possess any supernatural skills for blogging. Zeal to learn and enlighten people can do wonders. However, there is a lot more to blogging than just blurting out on paper. Learn more about blogging through Theblogstrater.

7. Sign Language:

Sign Language
Sign Language

You don’t always require words to express your feelings. Emotions and sign gestures can also have the same impact. The benefits of Sign Language are numerous to deaf people but did you know? Sign language is also a great tool for early readers and helps kids communicate sooner. Do you already find this information captivating? Then what are you waiting for? hit the Bumper clap to learn SL.

Tip: Learning is the initial step in Skill-development. You can excel in an activity but learning never ends, so keep going.

8. Cooking:

Cooking yummy food

Food is undeniably a way to the foodies’ heart. Nothing better than cooking and feeding your best friends at times! You all might have noticed the thousands of mouth-watering posts uploaded online, that makes you wanna try. Do you want to experiment with ingredients and learn how to make someone drool over your food? Allrecipes is the best place to learn cooking that helps you get restaurant dishes taste at home. Attempt making what you love and make yourself happy during this lockdown. Fulfill your cravings without having to stay upset about the closed food stalls, anymore.

9. Volunteering:


Are you taken aback after reading the word “volunteering” and puzzling about how volunteering assists you in skill improvement? Let me help you clear this doubt. Volunteering and sharing what you are good at, helps you grow and learn. Along with feeling glad about the services you provide, you can as well as learn from this amazing experience. Refine your skills by volunteering for a cause. If you find it difficult to visit places and volunteer then Virtual Volunteering comes to the picture. You can offer your help from anywhere around the globe. Cry.org notifies several virtual voluntary services that you can be part of.

10. Games:

A person playing PUBG Game

We are all aware of how intelligent games like chess can boost our minds and teach us how to play strategically. In case you are willing to learn how to play chess then Chess Talk is the best place to learn online for free. Now, don’t worry if you are a Virtual player because playing games online as well improve your skills. For instance, let’s talk about the most downloaded game PUBG. Playing this game enhances the player’s communication skills, assists in better strategy building, and helps in learning how to defend yourself.

Tip: A good way to learn skills is by practicing. Watching and reading about them helps you gain knowledge about the topic but practically working on them aids in identifying your strengths and recognizing the areas of improvement.

11. Gardening:

The beauty of growing life is mesmerizing. Gardening is never going to make you regret those muddy boots and soil hands. Because the hard work you invest in nurturing a plant is going to pay off when done in the right way. So, grab those gardening tools and start a garden with plants you love. Go through Greatist before you get started with this fun and blissful activity.

12. Writing:

A person Writing

Writing is a great skill to learn. Be it books, newspapers, articles, or Instagram posts, we are constantly consuming content. If you love writing then you should definitely check out Edx.org to learn the art of writing. Don’t worry about the different types of writing forms you want to learn, they got you covered. Every individual has a unique style of writing; however, learning through this course enhances your writing skills.

13. Photography:

A camera with great view, depicting art of Photography

The memory lane of nostalgia takes us back to the old times. Freezing those memories in photos takes you close to that favorite part of your best moments. Photography is a captivating skill that makes the audience look at the world through your lens. All you need to have, to learn the basics of photography is a camera and a perspective. Learn more about Photography on Saurav Sinha Youtube Channel, also don’t forget to follow the Instagram page Worldwide_photography_hub for cool photography tips and ideas.

14. Typing:


Are you always on the computer continuously mailing your friends? No matter what you do on an electronic device if you are one among those who got their hands glued to the keyboard; then you can ace this skill. I know you feel glad that all those long messages you have sent, didn’t go futile. Few things can be blessings in disguise! Head on to Thetypingcat to test your typing skills and analyze the results. It is a free tool to develop your typing skills.

Tip: Consistency and Discipline play a vital role in building a skill. Continuously rehearsing without giving up unquestionably yields positive results.

15. Editing:

Editing a photo

The power of editing lies in accurately communicating your message. Photo Editing helps you improvise the picture which you have clicked. It is the art of making a picture highlight just the way you want it to look like. Snapseed is a free app to edit photos. Vandelaydesign offers various editing tips that will make you fall in love with the photographs. You don’t have to be a professional to use these tricks and apps. It all starts with learning basics.

16. New Language:

Letters of a Language

Duolingo is a free mobile app that provides a platform to learn a new language. Any foreign language you are interested in learning can be mastered absolutely for free using this website. It is a productive skill one can learn. Having a grip over a foreign language makes international travel easier. It is pleasant to understand a language spoken in a country where you want to settle. Learning a new language also improves communication skills and creativity.

17. Marketing Course:

A person browsing about Statistics on Importance of Marketing
Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is an everlasting trend. Acquiring the right knowledge in marketing areas helps you stand out and reach a wider audience. Hubspot offers 9+ Free Digital Marketing Courses like Content Marketing, Digital Advertising, etc. Grab the opportunity right away and leverage the resources for upgrading your skills.

18. Art and Crafts:

Ice cream made of colour papers
Art and Crafts

Art and Crafts can be instantly made. These creative DIY’s boosts your imagination. From making your ambiance beautiful to creating best out of waste they are fun to do. Origami is one of the examples, where a paper is exquisitely converted into various forms. If you wish to learn the same then check out Arts and Crafts.

19. Painting:


Do you love playing with colors? If you are an artist or simply love painting as a hobby, you can explore more about painting by availing free courses on Coursera. It is a free platform where you can also become skilled at several courses. So, head to the website, for further details. Improve your drawing skills and ensure to purchase a proper painting kit to practice better.

20. Sewing:

Sewing materials- thread,scissors,measuring tape,colors

Crazylittleprojects is a place where you can learn sewing for free. The art of sewing requires patience in making clothes out of mere thread. It is absolutely appealing to make beautiful hand-stitched garments. You are going to love it as you proceed. Sewing doesn’t require any expensive material and remember that making mistakes help you learn.

Tip: Celebrate small victories and appreciate yourself for every progress you make.

21. Yoga:

A person practising Yoga

We are aware of several benefits of Yoga. But sometimes the right techniques to practice this activity seem to lack that can make things go wrong. Alison offers certificate yoga courses to improve this skill. You can get a healthy body and peace of mind just by learning this skill and that too for free! Seize the opportunity and get going.


These are a few productive, fun skills that can be learned online for free. They are easy and quick skills you can learn at home. Select a skill that you want to improve and avail the free platforms, to practice. 21 skills to learn in 21 days for free are easy to get started with during this quarantine time. Take a challenge to practice a particular skill for 21 days and let us know about it in the comments section.


4 thoughts on “21 SKILLS TO LEARN IN 21 DAYS FOR FREE”

  1. I’ve been learning Spanish on duolingo and it’s pretty great . And I just couldn’t decide on proper websites for painting and marketing . So thanks for that, those are amazing😁❤️

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  2. It was so interesting! I will try some of them soon. I am very happy about those free resources and your post is beyond helpful thanks to the direct links!


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