How to Achieve Goals in 5 Steps

Sita is a CAT aspirant. She promises herself to secure a good score.

Sita is an average student, she writes in her diary that she will top the cat exam, this year. 

She creates a schedule to study for 20 hours a day! Sita feels distressed that effects her performance. 

She doesn’t attempt her exam well.

She feels shattered and upset that her dreams to get into IIM’s have collapsed.

Why do you think, she failed?

Sita had a vision in her mind yet she couldn’t accomplish it. She has exhausted herself by fixing a timetable which was almost impossible to follow. Investing only four hours a day for sleep, eating and other personal space is unrealistic.

Sita failed to commute the portion due to stress that has made her anxious.

We often adopt similar strategies to reach our goals. We have consumed a lot of motivational hacks to become successful but one thing that seems to lack, is reality, in most of them.

This article is not for those who start dreaming in fairyland but for people who are truly passionate to achieve their aims. 

Achieving goals depends upon an individual’s dedication, determination, and hard work.

Perseverance and practicality are often neglected leading to irrational goals.

The right balance of all the elements is crucial for the effective and efficient accomplishment of goals.  

1. Set realistic goals

Set realistic goals

Set realistic goals that are practical to reach. People overburden themselves with paradoxical timetables, that failing is inevitable. Don’t be hard on yourself just because you are fervent. If you plan to do anything beyond your capacity, the possibilities of you giving up are higher. 

Sita was aiming to study for 20 hours a day. Even if she is truly passionate the schedule is unworkable. Sita would excel if she had taken all other activities of her daily schedule into consideration prior to planning. 

This will help in abandoning things, that are unrequired, giving you extra time for yourself. 

2. Follow the timetable

Schedule planner

Being disciplined is important to discipline an activity into a habit. Make yourself free form all other things, before you perform the activities set. Concentration power increases when we don’t have any distractions. Fix a timetable in a way that helps you grow. A common schedule that every individual follows might not suit you. Because every person has their own strengths and weakness to work on.

Sita was an average student. It is a good approach to list out the subjects she finds difficult to study, the lessons that have a scope to score more, and aspects which are a cakewalk for her. Depending on this she can invest extra time in practicing tough subjects. It will be reasonable for sita to set goals that she can achieve depending on her skills and time constraints. There is no shortcut or a  magic trick that instantly makes you a top ranker from an average student.

The timetable should resonate with your ultimate objective.

3. Take a break

Take a break

Yes, take a break. It is required to be successful. Nobody feels motivated around the clock, that doesn’t mean you immediately give up. Taking some time off and paralyzing the work for a while is beneficial. Even if it is a day off, you deserve it. Don’t hesitate to take a break and relax. You can utilize this time to reflect on how far you have come.

 Appreciate yourself for making through even when you endured hardships. It gives you a scope for learning from your setbacks. Identifying the areas where you are lacking and coming up with solutions gives you time to alter your schedule, accordingly. 

If there is anything that bothers you, its better to not suppress the thought but to sit and figure out. 

Sita would either give up or feel stressed, the thought of taking a break would giver her heebie-jeebies. With a plethora of portions to study and procrastination, she wouldn’t afford to give herself some time. Stressing over and burdening yourself to follow the schedule will make you hate your goals. Take time to re-energize, and come back with a focused mind later. Don’t let the stress accumulate, release it. 

Resilience is the greatest quality of a successful person.

4. Motivation 

Calender with a motivational quote
Motivation and Discipline

Imagine that you read a message of a person misleading and criticizing you. What would you do? Do yourself a favor and get rid of such people. 

Watch motivational videos, podcasts, quotes, and every time you feel low, remind yourself of why you have started doing it.  

 A healthy mind and a passionate soul strives to achieve what it believes in.

 Read both success and failure stories of people in your niche. Gain insights from their life and advice.

Sita didn’t bother to know about people who have already achieved what she was working on. This left her with huge textbooks and a stressful mind.

 Motivation is ephemeral, practice discipline for eternal victory. 

5. Create the environment

A student studying
Practice mode: ON

Imagine that you have already achieved what you are wishing for. Listen to the sound effects of the audience clapping. How does that make you feel? The activity elites your mood. Write your success speech and read it to yourself. It is very compelling. Every time you feel low and deviated, create an environment that amplifies with the purpose of your goal.

Activities, to revert on the path 

  • Stick motivational quotes in your room
  • Make a list of goals you are determined towards
  • Jot down why and how you wish to achieve 
  • Applaud for small achievements driving you to the ultimate goal

Let’s learn what we believe in

Unlearn what doesn’t serve us

Re-learn from experiences.


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