KFC- Incorporation of Brand identify in their store

Writing this after devouring mouth-watering zinger from KFC.

I have recently visited KFC restaurant to drool over the burger after really long.

Little upset by the time taken for the servers to seal my take away, I stood near the counter.

After a few minutes of scrolling over the feed and reading an article, I started noticing the aura.

The restaurant KFC has used wise tactics in subtly engraving their name everywhere in the store.

Let me walk you through the shop starting from the entrance.

As soon as you enter, you will find photographs hanging over the wall. One frame of the founder Colonel Sanders. ‘Finger licking good’ tagline on the other side. Apart from that they also inserted aesthetic frames that are worth admiring.


Proceeding to the counter, there is a huge banner highlighting the offers for a limited period of time. They encourage customers to download the app and make digital payments by providing great deals.

As this is the pandemic time a paper explaining the hygiene steps followed by them to ensure the safety of the customers was glued on the wall.

When you look down there are imprint stickers for people to follow social distancing, the banner to separate each line has a wide stretched red band with KFC written on it.

Tilt your head to the right side of the wall we have a cute “Chef of the day” frame with a hardworking chefs picture on it. This is an adorable idea that also encourages the employees to work enthusiastically.

The easiest part is to order. KFC has a billboard on the top of the order placement. Readability and the meal boxes are segregated and mentioned. It avoids a lot of chaos making the customer experience convenient.

The hardest part is here, to wait for the order.! Meanwhile, I observed the employees. They had a common uniform. What mesmerised me the most is at the back of each employee shirt there was a tagline resonating with KFC. For e.g: 1. “Waiting for your order”? I am on it!
2. Its finger licking good or nothing.

Yayyy! Our parcel is finally here. The french fries were ready to go into the carry bag. And here they used a sticker to seal the pack. Amazing sticker with KFC’s logo print on it!

While coming back I observed bulletin board with certain regulations clearly mentioned. Few of them include, ‘pets not allowed’ and ‘digital payments accepted’.

These are certain things I believe no brand has to skip. Sure, people aren’t observing every minute thing but you can’t let go of the details because there is always someone who accidentally or intentionally lays their eyes on.

The detecting test and sanitizer are provided by the security guard at the door, KFC imprinted tissues also caught my attention.

P.S: I was very ignorant but after I started practising writing I have become more mindful and observant.


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