I am not well, you know what I mean!? (Ever heard about something similar before?) No. I do not know what you mean. In fact, I understand better when you are precise in saying that you are in periods.! Let's unlearn few things today! Are you in? Black cover, slips from her bag which contained… Continue reading PERIODS UNCOVERED


Functions of Organisation

What is the sole objective of any business? Is it profit? Or Customer satisfaction? Or enhancing its reach? Regardless of the objectives, any business requires prerequisite functions. Organisation The main objective of any organization is to achieve the desired goals in a specific span of time. To ensure that these goals are reached, an organization… Continue reading Functions of Organisation

How to Achieve Goals in 5 Steps

Sita is a CAT aspirant. She promises herself to secure a good score. Sita is an average student, she writes in her diary that she will top the cat exam, this year.  She creates a schedule to study for 20 hours a day! Sita feels distressed that effects her performance.  She doesn't attempt her exam… Continue reading How to Achieve Goals in 5 Steps

Snapchat: A great way to replace your blank snaps

With 210 million + active daily users, it is one of the widely used Social media platforms. The app allows users to quickly share their moments.  The best feature that’s beguiling is, the messages and pictures are short-lived, i.e, they become inaccessible after 24 hours.  This is a multimedia messaging app developed by Snap Inc.… Continue reading Snapchat: A great way to replace your blank snaps

A Visit to Taj Mahal amidst Lockdown

I was terribly bored at home and with many places on my bucket list to check off I didn’t want to become a slave to this monotonous lifestyle. At that moment I promptly made a plan for my first ever solo trip!  Unfortunately, a lockdown was announced. I felt miserable after convincing my parents really… Continue reading A Visit to Taj Mahal amidst Lockdown

Learn elements of Marketing Mix (with an example)

Amazon is a topmost e-commerce platform!Swiggy is the number one online food delivery service!We all have availed these platforms at least once to make purchases. They are well-known businesses worldwide but what do you think makes a business successful? Any organization to flourish requires strategical planning, which benefits in achieving goals. This article briefs about… Continue reading Learn elements of Marketing Mix (with an example)


NINETARA is addicted to social media! No matter what happens throughout her day, she never misses a chance to post on social media. People who follow her on various social media platforms are updated with her routine. Ninetara adores singing and she was willing to chase her passion. She started by posting singing videos online.… Continue reading “CRIME” APPROACH TO CYBER HARASSMENT